Grow With Me Pants in Action!

Here’s a quick collection to show how our grow with me pants fit over a range of sizes!
We’d love for you to submit your photos along with the size shown if you’d like your little one to be featured as well.  I hope to build this list so it can become a helpful sizing resource!


Showing largest and smallest size

Gavin and Gunner in as fresh newborns in size nb – 6m

And the same babies wearing the same pants, but now in size 3-6m with room to grow!

Mason in size 6m to 4T – he was wearing 2t sizes when this picture was taken

And here’s Mason a year later wearing the same size!  He’s a tall 3T now.


Here’s rep Isabella rocking her Tsum Tsum pants.  She’s a 2t in RTW clothes!


And rep Sebastian who wears a 12-18m!

Lucas in size 6m – 4T and wears a size 4T normally!


Mason wearing size 6m – 3T GWM shorts, currently wearing 3T in store bought clothing.





Coming Soon!!
Grow With Me Hoodies

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